External Publications and Contributions

I make an effort to update this page regularly to reflect the articles that are currently available on public domain. 

Seeking Alpha:

Pre-Market Trading Activity Observations

Rebalancing For Opportunity Cost Through Contrarian Investment Strategies

Broad EM ETFs Create More Risk Than They’re Worth

Research Gate:

Measuring Equity Market Efficiency: Pragmatic Multi-Factor Market Efficiency Modelling

Data Driven Investor:

The Best Way to Use Stock Market Correlations | DataDrivenInvestor

Momentum Trading with Pre-Market Trends


Momentum Trading with Pre-Market Trends

Interview with VC.ru (in Russian only)

Почему фондовые менеджеры Силиконовой долины отказываются от традиционной финансовой системы? – Крипто на vc.ru

Morpher (authorship mislabeled)

Know Your Coin: White Paper Basics

5 Tips for Using Protective Stops: Stop Loss and Take Profit

4 Best Ways to Trade Crypto Like Warren Buffett

9 Frequently Asked Questions About Trading

Pre-Market Futures: Fair Value Trading Strategy

3 Ways to Profit with 24/7 Trading

Momentum Trading with Pre-Market Trends

Fractional Trading: Investing with No Minimum

When Short Sellers Got it Right: 3 Famous Shorts

When Short Sellers Were Wrong: 3 Failed Short Positions

Short Selling Explained: A Contrarian’s Guide

Pre-Market Trading: Not Just for Wall Street