Alternative investments offer investors a chance to realize outsized returns in some of the most unexpected ways. For the past 8 years, I have been working in the alternative investments space across multiple disciplines ranging from investment banking to derivative trading.

In emerging markets, alternative investments often become the only source of equitable alpha. Venture architecture becomes the decisive factor in whether these investments – specifically in equity and infrastructure – are able to thrive.

Through my articles, blog posts, research, and short anecdotes, I hope to share some of my findings from the space.

Alternative Investments

Since 2013 I have worked across multiple financial disciplines, ultimately specialising in alternative investments. In 2017 I earned a professional diploma in Portfolio Management via Rice University Online, and in 2021 I enrolled in the CFA®Program, by CFA Institute.

My professional experience in alternative investments includes:

  • Exotic foreign exchange trading (execution) for HNWI.
  • Strategic consulting for industry with dominant emerging markets foreign exchange exposure.
  • Private equity investments in the CEE & SEE regions.
  • Developing financial and economic market derivatives on the blockchain.
  • Retail algorithmic trading and robo-advisory.
Companies that I have worked with in the past: Morpher, Fima Invest, Silver Bell Group, KPMG

Venture Architecture

I started my first business when I was 16, charging bands to record them with a handheld microphone, and ever since I have always sought out testing new business ideas. I have personally founded four start-ups, and exited one. Formal training and experience in finance, as well as a background in emerging markets, helped me find more ways to add value. With a strong foothold in finance, I am able to offer businesses the necessary support in ensuring that their business is scalable, sustainable, and offers it’s stakeholders a desirable rate of return. With time, my focus started shifting towards fintech and the financial services sector.

Logos of companies that I have worked in a venture architect capacity: VIS, Remi Technologies, Werbifi, Yaman, Artbeat