About this site:

I’ve always had an inert passion for writing that always seemed to appear for short period of time before being squandered away due to obligations and time constraints. This is my wholeheartedly committed attempt to allow one of my hobbies to grow and develop into something greater. With this website I hope to embody a blog that consists of financial articles that will appeal to my academic pursuits and research, while still being able allot space for a few more sporadic thoughts. Hopefully, through an upkept sorting system I can continue to distribute the content to it’s appropriately labeled virtual shelf to keep my writing organized. As of August 30th, 2017, the blog sits rather bare of content, but not of ideas nor at the hands of someone inexperienced with the medium. In reality, the recent inception of the blog is more of a rebirth than an opening of a new endeavor for me. Through 2010 to 2014 I upkept several blogs through platforms such as Blogger, and Tumblr (despite the bad stigma the platform was incredibly pleasant if treated solely as a blog). I had accumulated more than 400 lengthy posts, developed a limited, yet active following, but ultimately was struck with time limitations, a loss of interest, and let the domain – and my followers – go. Several years ago I would have written about the road to college, my final exams, a concert that I went to, and reviewed some guitars – my passion at the time.

Today, this blog aims to first-and-foremost encapsulate my journey as an economist and businessman, and secondly to let you entertain some of my stranger and more unorthodox ideas regarding psychology, pop culture, and the world.

I welcome any collaborative research ideas that may come to my readers minds, or any special requests for projects that I should undertake. If you have any particular feedback I will also gladly consider it. For any matters of the sort please address: ivan@ivanstruk.com