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This blog will continue to serve as an outlet for my own individual analysis and academia. I have neglected to publish my latest research, which has been ongoing, however my focus and medium has shifted to an alternative project.

East Mill Capital Research Group

East Mill Capital is an initiative founded by financial analysts in June 2018 in order to demonstrate track record in analysis and risk management of emerging market securities. Our goal is to provide a risk-adjusted return backed by select relative-arbitrage investments to companies that meet our investment criteria.

Investing in emerging markets presents unique challenges such as political uncertainty, liquidity risk, and foreign exchange risk.

Our team consists of a diverse and international group of specialists with a combined 20+ years of experience in emerging markets financial sectors such as portfolio management, risk management, real-estate, investment banking and sales and trading. Every member of the organisation is employed full time in the financial sector, with members spanning the Western Europe, CEE, and South Eastern Europe.

East Mill Capital is committed to full transparency of the asset management process. All positions are accompanied by thorough due diligence and logged within our accounting systems to present readers with up-to-date financial information, statistics, and analysis of the securities covered by the organisation. Researchers and analysts contact details are made available on the cover page of every report and are eager to receive feedback and comments from readers.


Currently my research contributions are reflected through my role as Managing Director at East Mill Capital.

You can find my relevant contacts here: 

+1 (917) 26 77 980 

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