Risk Aversion and Management – New Study

There have been many studies conducted by modern economists on risk aversion and investor disposition to risk. However, in light of a few recent observations on the money market I found a direction that I would like to explore regarding risk aversion. I’ve started organizing research materials for a new initiative regarding the exploration of risk aversion in real-asset investment and other alternative investment classes. Specifically, the latest cryptocurrency boom has turned investors incredibly risk averse, holding greatly under-diversified portfolios that could contribute to a new habit forming investment strategy long after the crypto-currency bubble has popped.

Behavioral economics offers us a glimpse into this financial habit-making process, however, before I attempt to generate a hypothesis for a question I have not yet fully developed more sample-based research is demanded. Once my study is complete it will be available here on www.ivanstruk.com. Additionally, any participants are welcome to leave their e-mail in the last question of the survey to receive a notification once the results have been published.

The link to the survey is below:

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